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Wing'D Riders Assc  was formed in July of 2022 by John Lazzeroni to help replace the GWRRA organization and give the Gold Wing Rider a quality place to come to learn new things and meet new friends. Whether you are a solo rider or you like to ride in groups with other members and friends, the Wing’d Rider website is your new location.

More information about Wing'd Rider  <CLICK HERE>


Former members of Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA)which  CLOSED in December 2022. Once was the world's largest single-marque social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles -- and some would say, the world's largest family. Dedicated to our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. Founded in 1977, GWRRA has grue to more than 70,000 U.S., Canadian and international members in 53 foreign countries in just 32 years. Over 800 active Chapters are managed by 4,000 volunteer leaders working with members to foster safe, enjoyable riding while also working to improve the public image of motorcycling. And like many things they change, so wth in closing of (GWRRA) startes a new Assc.


Why Black Rose Wings

"The Black Rose Wings"

As told by (the Late) George Marrero

        You say you would like to know something about our chapter.  Ok folks.  Gather around and let me tell you a few things about it.  But first let me tell you about our town.  It’s called Hanover and it’s named after a town in Germany.  It’s called the “Black Rose City”.  It’s known as the “snack capital” of the world.  If you’ve ever eaten Utz potato chips or Snyder’s pretzels, then you know of us.  We have always been known for the quality of the workmanship that goes on in Hanover.  During the Revolutionary war we were lay over for the P.O.W.’s’ on the way to Frederick Maryland. And during the “uncivil war,” we had a battle fought here by none other then General George Armstrong Custer. It was a prelude to a little place you may have heard of just west of us, a town called Gettysburg. We are also known the world over for Hanover Shoe and I don’t mean the ones on you feet.  We breed the best horses in the world and have for well over a hundred years.

     If you look, you’ll see that there are certain things that we like to do as a chapter.  Just check out all the dinner and ice cream places we like to ride.  Above all else we like rides that deal with children.  Like our annual bunny run.  Come rain, snow or sun, nothing stops us from delivering our bunnies.  There’s the Children’s Miracle Network ride that we do each year, which is always, fun.  And there’s the open house at Hanover Power Sports where all the proceeds from the food cooked and sold by our chapter goes to Ride for Kids.  Every year we go to a “bowl-a-thon” in Maryland and help raise money for kids down there.  Now I have to brag a little and say for the last several years we’ve walked away with top honors and feel the event should be moved to Hanover so we don’t have to drive that far.  And finally, in December when it’s just a little chilly out, we have the last ride of the year, the Santa Clause Ride for Kids living in the York County Access shelter.  If you ever want to see a bunch of kids grin ear to ear, look at them when they see Santa on a motorcycle leading a bunch of other motorcycles just for them.  Talk about smiling faces.

     But back to our chapter - about twelve years ago a group of people from the area found out that they had something in common.  They all were riding a unique motorcycle, a Honda Goldwing and they were all interested in forming a riding group.  Well that small band of ten people interested in riding together back in November of “96” has today grown to close to a hundred people.  But they are not just people; they are more like part of your family.  Since our beginning we have had six couples lead our chapter.  Each couple had the help and guidance of others to help them along the way, and each and every one of them has guided our chapter in the direction that has helped all of us grow for the better.  And yes as a family, we have felt the pain of losing some of our members.  But they are always with us, and are not forgotten for the contribution they gave to us.

     In September every year we all gather with our family and friends and have a picnic at Codorus State Park overlooking the picturesque lake Marburg.  Everyone brings a covered dish and the chapter provides the hotdogs and hamburgers.  We have bike games, and trike games, and even people games and card games.  People sit back and relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.  We think of the things that we’ve done so far and all that we still want to do this season and even start talking about next years riding season.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well our pictures say more, they say we are family.

     Well I hope I answered your questions about our chapter. All I can say is if you’re looking for a group you can just occasionally ride with, then my group wouldn’t suit you.  But if you wanted to become part of a family, let me introduce you to mine.



    The End


                          *Pennsylvania District